Who is better: a private service provider or a cleaning company?

Probably everyone understands the importance of keeping your home clean since you not only make your apartment/house look tidy but also take care of your health.
But who are you going to call when ordering cleaning services: a private service provider or a cleaning company? In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of both options and you will decide which one meets your needs.

How is the cleaning company different from a private service provider?

It’s obvious that both a cleaning company and a private service provider are working in the same area. However, there are certain differences between them.


It is very important to use only detergents that are harmless for people when cleaning your apartment or house. Smile Cleaning company that specializes in maid services in Tallinn uses only detergents with probiotics which contain bacteria that ‘eat’ dirt. Probiotics are hypoallergenic and safe for health.
There are not that many private service providers who know about or ready to buy pricey detergents with probiotics. Quite often, self-employed people use detergents with chlorine and other harmful compounds that are not safe for health and can cause allergy.


Cleaning companies will always provide you with insurance that protects you from any incidents or anientisement. You can be assured that if anything is damaged during the process of cleaning (which happens quite rarely), the company will recover losses.
A self-employed person will unlikely to provide you with the insurance since he/she might not worry about the reputation which, on the contrary, is a very important thing for a company. Keep in mind to beware of frauds in this case.

Thorough selection process

Private service providers are self-employed. It means that they are responsible only for themselves and they didn’t pass any selection process at all. Smile Cleaning provides professional cleaning services in Tallinn and carries out a thorough selection process among its employees. We evaluate each specialist, their personal qualities, abilities, and experience, as well as a desire to work. We make sure to provide only polite and diligent specialist.

Opportunities to study

Most of the time private service provider didn’t learn how to clean certain surfaces or what kind of detergents will help to get rid of the stains or how not to damage the carpet when cleaning. Our specialists study how to clean more efficiently. Moreover, our employees also participate in advanced training to increase their knowledge and skills that are under the control of our managers.

Keeping up with deadlines

Our cleaning company has a lot of employees which allows us to replace any specialist assigned for the order at any time in case of illness, for example. We care about our reputation. Keeping up with deadlines is our main goal. Private service providers, unfortunately, can’t guarantee the same. It can happen sometimes that your contractor gets sick and can’t perform requested services. It results in ruined plans and a home or apartment that is still not cleaned by the time you ordered.

As you can see, cleaning companies can provide you with guarantees and keeps up with deadlines. Besides, the use of detergents that are safe for people won’t cause any health problems.

Smile Cleaning provides professional cleaning services for your apartments and offices, as well as additional services on furniture and window cleaning. Contact our specialist to order our cleaning services now!

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