Cleanliness and order in the house guarantee good rest and comfort. But in the hustle and bustle of things you often have neither the strength nor the time to clean.

The best solution will be to contact the specialists of the cleaning company, which are supplied with the latest equipment. Professionals will be able to provide high quality cleaning regardless of the size of the premises, the level of contamination, while performing a large amount of work in a short time.

Smile Cleaning is a company that provides cleaning services for various premises.

We serve mainly Tallinn and Harju County.

Our service area includes:

  • Apartments and private houses
  • Commercial premises
  • Production and storage facilities
  • Garages and parking lots
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and kindergartens

We also offer additional cleaning services:

A wide range of additional services that, if desired, can be agreed with the client.

What is included in professional house cleaning?

Professional house cleaning covers a complex of activities for cleaning the home space: dust removal, floor cleaning, disinfection of the bathroom, door cleaning, external cleaning of kitchen furniture, large kitchen equipment and much more. Our company also offers services to business clients: offices, hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc.


Our cleaning company is pleased to offer you the following types of cleaning services:

  • standard
  • general
  • regular.

The first type includes cleaning operations, from cleaning all surfaces from dust to vacuuming dry upholstered furniture. General cleaning is characterized by the large volume of services offered and their complexity. In addition to the standard set, it includes cleaning the surfaces of mirrors, walls, interior surfaces of kitchen furniture, dry cleaning of furniture, etc.

How much will it cost?

The cost of our services depends on the number of operations in the reception, the area of the premises, the level of complexity of the work performed, the qualification of the staff, the quality of the means for cleaning.

Here are some examples of cleaning costs for a house:

Number of square meters: Type of cleaning: Amount:
60 m2 Standard from 66.60€
General from 163€
80 m2 Standard from 88.80€
General from 191.20€
100 m2 Standard from 93€
General from 208€
140 m2 Standard from 130.20€
General from 291.20€
200 m2 Standard from 186€
General from 416€

Cleaning a bigger house will cost more, as it will require more time, staff and consumables.

Additional services will be calculated separately (17 euro per hour according to the price list). Additional services include: cleaning of upholstered furniture, washing of windows.

Ready service packages

You can save money when ordering a package from us: the price per package will be much lower than a single cleaning. The package is a kind of “subscription” for cleaning.

Our cleaning service offers:

  • Minicleaning – two standard cleanings per month;
  • Basecleaning – standard cleaning every week.

In the first case, for a ready service package for an apartment of 100 m2 you will have to pay the amount of money from 130 €, but it’s two cleaning!

Ready-made packages allow you to choose permanent workers who do not change from time to time.

Recommendations depending on the season of the year


  • Standard cleaning
  • Cleaning the glass of the fireplace


  • Window cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of floor surfaces
  • General cleaning


  • General cleaning
  • Furniture and carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning


  • Deep cleaning of floor surfaces
  • Window cleaning
  • Mirror cleaning
  • General cleaning

Why is it worth making a contract with us?

Our advantage is that we are the country’s leader in the use of probiotics – harmless cleaning products. Cleaning with probiotics is preferable because they are safe for human health and the environment and have a gentle effect on all surfaces.

Upon customer request, we treat room contact areas with an antiseptic. An antiseptic is an alcohol-based solution to remove pathogens. Disinfection should be carried out in case of moving to an old apartment, allergies, flu, etc. The treatment with an antiseptic is included in the list of additional services and costs 0.50€/m2, i.e. when ordering the cleaning of a 50 m2 apartment the cost of treatment with an antiseptic will be 25€.

The advantages of our company are: insurance, 100% quality assurance and quality control, safety of detergents / cleaners.

We have high requirements to all employees of the company, the opportunity to improve their skills. Specialists with professional training are equipped with high-tech equipment for fast and high-quality cleaning. Smile Cleaning Company has also taken care of the possibility of obtaining certificates for house cleaning. There is a loyalty program that provides discounts for regular customers.

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