Waxing the floor

Any floor covering requires proper care. For example, PVC linoleums without proper
maintenance can last a maximum of 10 years, while having an unaesthetic and unkempt
appearance for the last 5 years. Of course, it all depends on the operating conditions. But
believe me, it will take its time.
The procedure “Waxing of floor coverings” comes to the rescue.
What is this procedure and what results does it give?
Floor waxing is the process of applying a mastic made of wax, dissolved in turpentine or
gasoline, on products made of hard types of marble, wood or artificial material, and then
rubbing it until it shines.

The wax used when waxing the floor is absolutely harmless to health and has long been
considered the best way to treat flooring not only in living quarters, but also in schools,
hospitals, veterinary clinics, fitness centers, etc. It does not form a film on the surface, but
fills cracks and large pores in it, making it easier to maintain the floor covering. At the
same time, any material covered on the floor is not sealed, but continues to “breathe”. The
waxed surface becomes scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, protects the paintwork and the
coating itself.
As for the content of such miraculous mastics: usually it is natural beeswax or wax of
plant origin, turpentine, drying oil, paraffin, rosin, oil varnish and so on can also be
included in the composition.
Floor waxing can be done not only for parquet and linoleum. Beautiful gloss can be
awarded to marble, concrete and laminate. Each type of floor has its own type of wax and
its own instructions for use, which does not make the task easier. It is best to contact the
professionals in this matter – the “Smile Cleaning” cleaning company.
Results of waxing the floor covering:
1. Aesthetics. Beautiful shine, perfect flat surface – this is every person’s dream.
2. Ecology. With the correct application of polymers, moisture is absorbed and released
into the room, which contributes to a healthy climate.
3. Practicality. Scratches from sofa legs, friction from the soles of shoes and other
objects, dents from accidental falling of solid objects, the influence of household
chemicals … Waxing the flooring protects against physical and chemical damage.
4. Durability. With the right care and maintenance of your flooring, you can extend its life
for many decades.
So, let’s figure out what is the difference between ordinary PVC and linoleum.
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a man-made material. There are different types of PVC
flooring. He is “afraid” of ultraviolet radiation, because when exposed to direct sunlight,
the product loses its elasticity and strength. To protect it from such an impact, mainly
paint or wax is applied to the flooring.
Linoleum – can be natural, PVC, rubber (reelin) and so on. Depending on its
composition, it has high wear resistance, low flammability, strength and stability.
Professionals of the cleaning company “Smile Cleaning” perform the procedure “Waxing
the floor covering” in the following stages:
1. Assessment of the condition of the floor. Our employees assess the condition of the
floor covering, deciding which products they will use in the future. Is there a need to
remove the old layer of wax and so on.
2.1. Old wax layer found
It must be removed. For this, a special agent is used, which depends on the type of floor
covering. That is, the agent that is used to remove wax from the PVC surface should have
a pH of about 12 units. A linoleum product usually has a pH of no more than 10 and
contains solvents that cannot be applied to the surface with PVC.
After applying the product, the floor surface is washed for about 15-20 minutes using a
scrubber drier. After this process, another assessment of the floor is made: whether all the
wax has been removed from the surface. If not, the process must be repeated. If all the
wax has been removed, the floor is dried.
2.2. No old wax coating was found. In this case, the surface is cleaned and washed from
dirt: special attention is paid to corners and crevices, where dust actively accumulates.
After the floor is dry, you can proceed to the next stage.
3. Waxing the floor covering. Usually, PVC floor dries from 0.5-1 hours, and linoleum at
least 6-12 hours. It is very important to withstand this time, as waxing is done only on a
dry floor.
For this procedure, our masters use only a clean instrument, it is important that dirt and
foreign microparticles do not get into the wax (dust, hair, and so on). The wax is applied
in thin layers to the surface (usually 2-3 layers).
After applying the last coat of wax, the edges of the walls and other less abrasive areas
are processed. This is done in order to prevent delamination of the wax in the applied
Typical drying time between coats is approximately 0.5-1 hour. And complete drying
after waxing from 24 to 48 hours.
1) To have an excellent floor waxing result, you must first clean the floor surface
correctly, and also know the rules for drying wax. It is not recommended to do this alone.
Better to seek the help of professionals.
2) After waxing, do not use the room for 24-48 hours. The time depends on the type of
wax used.
3) For the next 2 weeks, it is recommended to refrain from using products with an
alkaline composition.
Naturally, we must not forget that waxing the floor – this is not a panacea for all
subsequent problems. Constant maintenance of floor surfaces is required.
This service depends on the type of surfaces themselves and not every person has time
for such “little things”. Entrust this business to experts. Masters of the cleaning company
“Smile Cleaning” will always come to your aid.
Maintenance methods for hard floor coverings:
1. Deep cleaning. It is used periodically and depends on some factors (the permeability of
the room, the age of the floor covering and its type). Our specialists will help you answer
these questions. Deep cleaning uses a rotary machine with a special brush and disc to
remove stubborn dirt.
I would also like to note that our specialists use cleaning products only with probiotics:
research by the University of Tartu shows that the use of probiotics in a certain amount
stops the multiplication of “bad” bacteria, and even Covid-19. You can read more about
this in this article: Cleaning with probiotics.
2. Measures to protect floor coverings (coating with polymer composition, wax,
3. Recovery activities. This type of service is used for severely damaged floor coverings.
This can be grinding, polishing, crystallization of marble and others.
Cleaning company “Smile Cleaning” provides many cleaning services, and not only, to
make your life easier.
For instance:
– cleaning of apartments
– cleaning before the baby appears
– cleaning of warehouse and industrial premises
– eco-cleaning of carpets
– office cleaning
– spring-cleaning
– cleaning after renovation
– and much more.

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