Post construction & renovation cleaning

Post construction cleaning should be carried out by a team of specialists. It is not always possible to cope with such a task independently, since removing building dust and garbage takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, it is not always possible to choose a suitable tool for this type of cleaning. For example, difficulties can arise with stains from glue, grout for seams, traces of glue.

The Smile Cleaning team will help you with this. Just contact us and we will take care of the cleanliness of your premises.

Post construction cleaning includes:

  • Dry and wet floor cleaning;
  • Removal of dust, stains and other construction contaminants (strong contaminants like glue or oil paints are negotiated separately);
  • Cleaning baseboards, doors, radiator sockets, switches, fixtures;
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning are negotiated separately (NB! If the pollution is insignificant and will take up to 30 minutes, then this is included in the cleaning, if the pollution is more significant, then the time and payment are negotiated additionally);
  • If necessary, cleaning household appliances;
  • Cleaning of construction waste (bulky waste is negotiated separately).

The cost of cleaning after repair


Number of square meters: Amount:
50 m2 from 102.00 €
75 m2 from 131.25 €
100 m2 from 156 €
125 m2 from 195 €
175 m2 from 269.50 €
215 m2 from 326.80 €
250 m2 from 375.00 €
300 m2 from 441.00 €


The minimal cost of departure is 50 €. 

Cleaning after repair can be carried out in the premises of any purpose, regardless of whether it is an office or living room, kitchen or bathroom.

The cleaning price depends on the number of square meters of the room, so you can familiarize yourself with the cleaning cost in more detail using our calculator, or consult our specialist for advice.

Additionally, you can order any of the following services for an additional price.

Example of cleaning after repair or construction

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Smile Cleaning also offers:

Smile Cleaning will take care of you!

Antiseptic treatment

Antiseptic is an alcohol-based solution for removing pathogens. There are a number of reasons why it should be used for cleaning:

  • if you have moved to an apartment where someone used to live;
  • if you have an allergy;
  • if someone had flu;
  • after the death of your pet.

All contact points in the apartment are treated with antiseptic to remove bacteria.

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Сleaning company advantages:


    • Special chemicals for cleaning;
    • special equipment;
    • trained staff;
    • effective cleaning of all rooms;
    • affordable cost of services.

    Smile Cleaning company successfully provides post construction cleaning services of premises for any purpose for several years now.

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