Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of offices, apartments and houses is gaining more and more popularity. Cleaning regularly is very important. Due to dust, things quickly become dirty, the air becomes very dry, allergies appear, and pests may even start. dust and dirt are a favorable habitat for them. To prevent this, it is recommended to clean the premises 1-2 times a week.

Don’t have time to do household chores? – contact our specialists. They will quickly put your home in order without leaving a single speck of dust on the dresser, cabinet and other things that collect dust. You can always go about your business, perform work duties and just relax, and your apartment will always be clean thanks to professional cleaning.

General cleaning cost

Ready-made service packages: Mini Cleaning includes a standard cleaning 2 times a month, Base Cleaning includes a standard cleaning every week.

Number of square meters: Ready service packages: Amount:
50 m2 Mini Cleaning from 98€ a month
Base Cleaning from 160€ a month
75 m2 Mini Cleaning from 115€ a month
Base Cleaning from 225€ a month
100 m2 Mini Cleaning from 130€ a month
Base Cleaning from 275€ a month
125 m2 Mini Cleaning from 165€ a month
Base Cleaning from 315€ a month


The minimal cost of departure is 50 €. 

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Why should you order regular cleaning from us?

  1. Efficiency – professional cleaning services are provided quickly, practically not taking time from clients.
  2. Carrying out clearly according to the schedule approved with the customer.
  3. No need for preparation: employees of the cleaning company bring all equipment, detergents and consumables with them.
  4. Insurance – cleaning is always insured up to 50,000 euros.
  5. Only the best specialists. All cleaners have already passed a strict selection and additional training, and we make sure that only rating specialists remain in Smile Cleaning.

Important: you can also order regular office cleaning from us, which will be performed by our company’s specialists quickly and efficiently.


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Our advantages


Present our certificate to friends, relatives and friends, freeing them from unnecessary trouble.


They create an environment unfavorable for harmful bacteria and allow you to clean any surfaces, corners and depressions.

Ready-made service packages

For those who value time and want to save.

Using probiotics in cleaning

It has long been no secret that the chemicals contained in cleaning products are dangerous not only for the environment, but also for health. We care about our customers, so we use probiotic products for cleaning. The essence of probiotics boils down to the fact that they do not destroy “bad” bacteria, but create bad conditions for them to reproduce. This is because the “good” bacteria compete with the pathogens, the “bad” bacteria. That is, probiotic bacteria, constantly multiplying, deprive pathogens of water, food and territory for life, and deprived of all this, “bad” bacteria simply stop multiplying.

To summarize all of the above, probiotics are cleaning agents that can completely destroy all dirt, while not harming human and animal health.

By choosing probiotic cleaning, you are choosing safety and comfort.

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How do we work?


  1. Leave your request on our website.
  2. Smile Cleaning specialist will contact you and clarify all the details of the order.
  3. On the appointed day and time, Smile Cleaning specialist will conduct a high-quality cleaning of your home in accordance with the agreed list of services.

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