Cleaning and care of leather furniture

Smile Cleaning is not just a cleaning company. This is a community of professionals who have been improving the quality of life for 3 years not only in families, but also in shopping centers, kindergartens, fitness centers, veterinary clinics and so on.

Our goal is to give all our clients the most valuable gift: time. Time to meet with people dear to you, time to relax, which you have not had for a long time, time for children and so on.

Using the services of a cleaning company is no longer the fate of the rich. It is affordable, it is pleasant and not troublesome.

We always care about your health, and the pandemic is not a hindrance!

All our cleaning products are safe for human life. They contain special probiotics that kill viruses and bacteria. It has been proven by laboratory studies of the University of Tartu, Institute of Technology: the use of a cleaning agent with probiotics destroys dangerous microbes and COronaVIrus Disease 2019, brings a more effective result than conventional cleaning products.

Prices for cleaning leather furniture*:



 From 2 -3 seats  Min fare 55€
 4 seats  € 60,00
 5 seats  € 75.00
 5 or more  Based on 15€ for seat
 Pull-out bed (dry cleaning)  € 15.00


 1 PC  Min fare 55€
 2 PC  Min fare 55€
 Additionally clean the chair to the general order  25€ / pc


* The price for transportation costs is added to the price, according to the price list (online calculator)

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Also in these studies it is said that the use of probiotics completely eliminates the reproduction of pathogens on cleaned surfaces. And finally, these probiotics are absolutely safe for humans and the environment.

Spring general cleaning

Spring always brings a great mood, warmth and a big cleaning list after a long winter.

And the very first in this long list: window cleaning.

A long and painful process…

Skilled workers of our company will carry out with it with ease.

On average, this work takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

The price of one side of the window is from 7€. Minimum order from 50€.

We offer not only the “window cleaning” service itself, but also this service can be included in other service packages: cleaning an apartment, a house or an entire room.

The next item on the list is this cleaning of garages and parking lots.

The most suitable time for general cleaning of the garage and parking lot is spring. These parts of the premises are used constantly and it is difficult to maintain cleanliness. Yes, and gasoline stains, collected dust are not encouraging at all.

And of course, building administrations, management companies and other owners of a large parking lot, for the sake of such an event, need to purchase washing machines for cleaning, train people to use them or find those already trained – a little expensive.

To save money and time, we suggest using the services of our company “Smale Cleaning”. Since we have the best specialists in cleaning any type of dirt, excellent equipment, detergents that are safe for human health, rich experience and reasonable prices: 2€ per m².

The third item on the list of things to do in the spring general cleaning: cleaning upholstered furniture.

All furniture is “endowed” with a cumulative property: litter, dead skin particles, animal hair, and dust mites appear over time. Naturally, over time, the upholstery is wiped, the color fades, and the material is torn.

To avoid such problems, timely cleaning is necessary.

Our qualified employees do their work quickly and efficiently, the furniture does not need to be taken anywhere, they themselves will come to your home at a time when it is convenient for you.

They use only professional equipment for cleaning upholstered furniture, as well as hypoallergenic cleaning products.

Of course, this type of furniture can be cleaned independently. But, unfortunately, detergents for household use do not give a sufficient result: they do not remove too stubborn stains, do not kill ticks and leave stains. That is, you are wasting time, money, effort and everything in vain.

Prices for furniture cleaning:

  1. Ottoman – from 10€
  2. Chair, armchair – from 12€
  3. Mattress, one side – from 5€ per m²
  4. Leather furniture – from 5€ per m²

Minimum order from 50€.

This list can never end…

But our clients know that by contacting us, this list disappears and cleanliness and order appear.

Also, we have a website for construction equipment, everything for bathrooms, kitchens, spring cleaning…. SityPro is the best online store in Estonia and Finland.

Only the best specialists

All cleaners have already passed thorough
selection and additional training and we
ensure that only highly rated specialists
to remain in Smile Cleaning.

We accept orders instantly

The order is placed on the website less than a couple of minutes,
and you immediately see the full cost
of cleaning or dry cleaning.

We guarantee 100% quality

If the quality of professional cleaning
does not meet your expectations we
will correct all mistakes.

Are ecologically pure detergents effective for upholstered furniture cleaning?

Antiseptic treatment

Antiseptic is an alcohol-based solution for removing pathogens. There are a number of reasons why it should be used for cleaning:

  • if you have moved to an apartment where someone used to live;
  • if you have an allergy;
  • if someone had flu;
  • after the death of your pet.

All contact points in the apartment are treated with antiseptic to remove bacteria.

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How to order services?

It only takes three simple steps to place an order on our website:

  1. Leave your request on our website.
  2. Smile Cleaning specialist will contact you and clarify all the details of the order.
  3. On the appointed day and time, Smile Cleaning specialist will conduct a high-quality cleaning of your home in accordance with the agreed list of services.

Besides sofa and upholstered furniture cleaning, we provide services on:

You can find prices on Smile Cleaning services on our website.

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