Washing concrete floors

The company “Smile Cleaning” performs cleaning not only in apartments, houses, offices, kindergartens, but also washing the floors of warehouses, washing concrete floors in the parking lot of apartment associations and parking lots in shops and supermarkets. There are over a thousand of them in our city. The cleaning company performs cleaning of any complexity throughout the city of Tallinn and its surroundings.

Features of concrete surfaces


Nowadays, they try to use concrete cover everywhere: a warehouse, a parking lot, a garage, and even in the interior of houses and apartments.

And that’s why:

  • Durability. Due to its composition, the concrete floor serves for many decades.
  • Strength and durability. With the correct laying of this type of surface, trucks, trucks, constant traffic of cars can drive on it and there is no need to be afraid of deformation or damage to the floor.
  • Good waterproofing against groundwater.
  • Environmentally friendly: does not emit chemicals and consists of natural components.
  • Fireproof.

Of course, it also has a drawback. This is its porosity. No matter how well the floor is poured with concrete, you will not be able to avoid the porous structure. Dirt and liquid gets into these pores, which are practically invisible. Because of this, the concrete surface loses its appearance, and streaks form on the surface. All this can soon lead to a deterioration in the consumer quality of the concrete base, and will naturally worsen its aesthetic appearance.


It is very difficult to get rid of this problem on your own, since it is necessary to have not only special cleaning agents and equipment, but also experience in cleaning concrete pavement. If you want to extend the life of your concrete floor and keep it attractive, turn to professionals who are experienced in tasks such as cleaning concrete pavements.

Our craftsmen can easily cope with any kind of pollution on any size, territory: warehouse, parking, garage and so on.
“Smile Cleaning” uses only the best and most ecological types of industrial vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning mice and cleaning products for cleaning all types of surfaces.
Equipment such as a scrubber drier is designed to clean any type of floor. It cleans flat and smooth surfaces. This type of machine is used for periodic, technical cleaning and deep cleaning.


What are the advantages of a scrubber drier over manual cleaning products?


1) The disinfection of the floor is much better when using a scrubber with a detergent than using hand tools (a mop and a bucket): the scrubber can accommodate up to 4 drums with brushes, which remove all dirt from the surfaces. And also this machine is designed so as to use clean water during the entire cleaning (area, about 1000 sq.m), while when cleaning with a mop, often, the work is performed completely without changing the water.

2) Using a scrubber drier saves cleaning time, which means your object will be cleaned much faster and more hygienically than using manual cleaning products.


Let’s take a look at the types of scrubber cleaning processes for concrete surfaces.


Depending on the needs, there are 2 types of cleaning processes with the use of floor cleaning machines for concrete surfaces, which are performed by the cleaning company “Smile Cleaning”:

  1. Technical cleaning
  2. Deep cleaning

Technical cleaning is the weekly cleaning of the concrete floor. It includes: dedusting surfaces using special vacuum cleaners and washing using floor cleaning machines and cleaning agents to remove all light dirt.

With deep cleaning the procedure is almost the same as with technical cleaning, but the “fight” is already with strong pollution:

Here are some examples of the cost of washing concrete floors:

200 m2 500 m2 1000 m2 1500 m2 2000 m2 2500 m2
Amount: from 290€ from 400 from 500 from 575 from 650€ from 715

The minimal cost of departure is 290 €. 
The price does not include VAT

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