Cleaning before the baby is born

If you are expecting an early addition to the family, do not forget to include cleaning before the birth of a child in your must-do list. In this joyful and exciting period of life, young parents strive to do everything perfectly: they buy a crib, a stroller, everything they need. I would like to clean everything to a sterile state, but for long periods of time, doctors strongly advise against overexerting. The best solution to this problem is the cleaning service from our company Smile Cleaning.


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Here are some examples of the cost of apartment and house cleaning:

Number of square meters: Type of cleaning: Amount:
50 m2 Standard from 64.00 €
General from 167.40 €
75 m2 Standard from 84.00 €
General from 253.53 €
100 m2 Standard from 98.00 €
General from 263.47 €
125 m2 Standard from 122.50 €
General from 281.25 €


Does not fit any of your options? To help you calculate the exact cost of cleaning, we have made a simple and convenient cost calculator.

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During cleaning, specialists use probiotics that prevent viruses from multiplying.

What is included in the apartment cleaning?

Cleaning from Smile Cleaning means maximum thoroughness, speed and high professionalism.

Standard cleaning

  • dry and wet floor cleaning (the vacuum cleaner is used on all types of floors)
  • dust removal on all surfaces (up to 180 cm in height)
  • cleaning of all glass and mirror surfaces (except windows) (up to 180 cm in height)
  • cleaning doors and radiators
  • cleaning switches and sockets
  • cleaning baseboards
  • dry and wet floor cleaning (the vacuum cleaner is used only on carpets)
  • dust removal from horizontal surfaces (up to 180 cm in height)
  • cleaning stand and wall lamps (up to 180 cm in height)
  • sanitary cleaning
  • cleaning the kitchen cabinet and large kitchen equipment on the outside (refrigerator and oven door, kitchen stove surfaces)

Moving only light furniture (chairs, wheelchairs and small bedside tables) Moving large furniture by agreement and price list 17 euros / hour.
On open surfaces, only open surfaces are wiped (moving personal belongings in rooms only with the permission of the client.)
If things are expensive, fragile or there are more than 10-12 pieces the specialist does not touch them.

General cleaning

  • dry and wet floor cleaning (the vacuum cleaner is used on all types of floors)
  • dust removal on all surfaces (the height is determined by the client. If the height exceeds 3 m, the client should provide a step-ladder)
  • cleaning of all glass and mirror surfaces (except windows)
  • cleaning doors and radiators
  • cleaning switches and sockets
  • cleaning baseboards
  • cleaning stand and wall lamps (for ceiling lights the client should provide a step-ladder)
  • sanitary cleaning (plaque, fungus)*

*places of intensive use (schools, kindergardens, bars, cafe, offices, etc. negotiated separately)

  • cleaning the kitchen cabinet and large kitchen equipment on the outside and inside at the request of the client
  • cleaning inside the oven
  • dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner
  • dry-cleaning of sofas and carpets (only at the request of the client for an additional fee)

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Why is it worth ordering cleaning before the baby appears from professionals?

Even if you are already on maternity leave and it seems to you that you can cope on your own, you should not do this. Firstly, it is not safe, and secondly, you can do more enjoyable things: prepare all the things for the baby and put them neatly in boxes. While the professionals are doing the spring cleaning before the baby is born, you can calmly do more enjoyable things. Try to save your strength, because soon you will need them.

Only the safest and most effective detergents should be used when cleaning before childbirth. Our specialists have at their disposal a wide range of modern cleaning equipment that allows you to get rid of dirt and microbes with minimal use of chemicals.

No dust in hard-to-reach places

Cleaning before the birth of a child involves the most thorough removal of dust: from walls, floors, furniture, batteries, pipes and any interior elements. To achieve the same result on your own, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

It is better to start a new life in a perfectly clean house. Entrust the cleaning to professionals, and enjoy the sweet moments of waiting yourself!


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Ready service packages by Smile Cleaning

For those who value time and want to save, we are ready to offer ready service packages:

  • Mini cleaning — two standard cleanings per month;
  • Base cleaning — standard cleaning every week

More about service packages and prices

When ordering a package, you get not only a constant order in the house, but also:

  • tangible savings (in packages, services are much cheaper than ordered separately);
  • the ability to choose permanent workers who do not change from time to time.

Cleaning with probiotics


Our cleaning company uses only professional products that gently clean all surfaces and furniture and are not harmful to health and the environment. If you have children or animals at home, cleaning with probiotics is the number one choice.

The advantages of cleaning with probiotic detergents:

  • Safe for human health.
  • No negative impact on the environment.
  • Perfect for cleaning the furniture and all surfaces without any damage to the materials.

When ordering cleaning services from Smile Cleaning, you no longer have to worry about the cleanliness of the house and spend your precious time on it. All the work will be performed by experienced professionals.

Smile Cleaning clients can also order additional services on sofas and upholstered furniture cleaning. Our specialists will take care of making your furniture look good and use only harmless cleaning products.

Only the best specialists

All cleaners have already passed thorough
selection and additional training and we
ensure that only highly rated specialists
to remain in Smile Cleaning.

We accept orders instantly

The order is placed on the website less than a couple of minutes,
and you immediately see the full cost
of cleaning or dry cleaning.

We guarantee 100% quality

If the quality of professional cleaning
does not meet your expectations we
will correct all mistakes.

Cleaning certificates

Smile Cleaning also took care of the possibility of acquiring certificates for cleaning an apartment, house or office.

Present our certificate to friends, family and friends, freeing them from unnecessary trouble.

Here you can purchase certificates in denominations of 60, 150 and 200.

Submit a certificate application

Smile Cleaning – fast and high-quality house cleaning in Tallinn. Set aside all your household chores, we will take care of everything.

How do we work?


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  2. Smile Cleaning specialist will contact you and clarify all the details of the order.
  3. On the appointed day and time, Smile Cleaning specialist will conduct a high-quality cleaning of your home in accordance with the agreed list of services.

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