Cleaning of sofas

An essential component of any living space is upholstered furniture. While buying an apartment or house you want it to be clean nad fresh as long as possible, but, unfortunately, it is impossible without proper care. Regular cleaning of a sofa will cost much cheaper than buying a new one.

It is difficult enough to return the purity of sofa. In most cases, detergents designed for domestic use, operate quite gently and do not remove complex contamination. But often, after self-cleaning upholstered furniture it will remain stained. Think about whether it is necessary to spend forces and finances on independent cleaning by household means. The team of the cleaning company Smile Cleaning is ready to help you in eco-cleaning of upholstered furniture.

Prices for eco-cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture:

Unfolding sofa  from 12 € per seat
Folding sofa  from 16 € per seat
Chair  from 12 €
Armchair  from 12 €
Ottoman  from 10 €
Mattress, one side  from 5 € per sq.m
Leather furniture  from 5 € per sq.m


The minimal cost of departure is 50 €. 

During cleaning, specialists use probiotics that prevent viruses from multiplying.

When we buy upholstered furniture for the apartment, we create comfortable atmosphere, warmth and coziness in our home. Over time the furniture gets dirty and loses its attractive appearance. Cleaning the sofa by your own efforts does not always lead to the desired result, as there are streaks on the fabric and old stains. The best solution is to contact the specialists of the cleaning company.

Why do you need cleaning of sofas?

Our old sofas will eventually turn into places where dust mites accumulate. These are microscopic parasites that reproduce quickly enough in living areas. House dust mites live on the surface of upholstered furniture for about 80 days. The danger is caused by tick products that cause severe allergies. Moreover, the mites produce a huge amount of excrement in their entire life, which is 200 times more than their own weight.


Even the most careful housewife isn’t able to protect her furniture from stains, especially if home is always occupied by family members and pets. Dirty stains, pale color of upholstery and bad smell create a disappointing picture.

Our company will help to clean the sofa at home using environmentally friendly means. Our employees perform eco- cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, which saves time and doesn’t bring additional inconveniences associated with transportation and lack of furniture at home.

When eco-cleaning sofas, our specialists:

  • remove stains and relieve furniture from unpleasant odors
  • perform antibacterial treatment
  • use harmless cleaning products
  • use modern equipment

* Extras:

  • We do not guarantee the elimination of stains of the following origin: (blood; oil; coffee; wine; any drinks containing dyes; gouache.)
  • We do not guarantee that greasy, greasy stains will be completely removed.
  • Urine stains may not be removed the first time, and may need to be cleaned again.
  • If you have a pet, pay attention!

When applying, the client must notify the staff in advance if there are problem areas
with animal hair on the upholstered furniture that the client wants to clean.

Since hair removal costs 17€/hour, and it is impossible to calculate in advance how
long this cleaning will take.

If the client did not notify in advance about this problem, then upon arrival at the
place, our specialists reserve the right to clean with the means that they have with
(Special equipment is used to eliminate wool, so if the client has not warned in
advance, subsequent claims will not be accepted.)

Our advantage is the use of cleaning agents, which include living bacteria – probiotics. How do they work? Probiotics create a negative breeding ground for “bad” bacteria, depriving it of water, food and territory to live in.

When a probiotic bacteria eats a pathogen, it has the power to reproduce as long as the dirt, its “food”, exists. Probiotics can therefore completely destroy all dirt without harming health of human and animal.

Our company Smile Cleaning is practically the only one in the industry that uses probiotics to clean furniture

Benefits of professional upholstered furniture and sofa cleaning

At eco-cleaning of sofas experts of the company:

  • Remove all kinds of stains from sofas: any origin, both new and old. Also, the spots that have arisen after attempts to remove impurities on their own.
  • Will relieve furniture from unpleasant smells.
  • Cope with the contamination of the sofa fabric.
  • Conduct antibacterial treatment of furniture in which the destruction of microbes and dust mites.
  • Use non-polluting means for cleaning.
  • Use the best equipment.

In its work, the company Smile Cleaning uses safe high-quality detergents for eco-cleaning of upholstered furniture. The use of environmentally friendly products for people and animals is an important difference from the dry cleaning of sofas.

Eco-cleaning of upholstered furniture is carried out at home, which saves time and does not bring additional inconvenience associated with transportation and lack of home furniture. After all in some hours it is possible to use a favourite sofa as in anything happened. Employees of the company Smile Cleaning, using new technologies will individually select a professional detergent that effectively removes stains. For each type of dirt and depending on the upholstery of the sofa a special chemical composition is applied. The result of cleaning will exceed your expectations. If you make an order for eco-cleaning of upholstered furniture in Tallinn in Smile Cleaning you will get high quality of work at an affordable price.

Only the best specialists

All cleaners have already passed thorough
selection and additional training and we
ensure that only highly rated specialists
to remain in Smile Cleaning.

We accept orders instantly

The order is placed on the website less than a couple of minutes,
and you immediately see the full cost
of cleaning or dry cleaning.

We guarantee 100% quality

If the quality of professional cleaning
does not meet your expectations we
will correct all mistakes.

Are ecologically pure detergents effective for upholstered furniture cleaning?

We worry about our clients’ comfort and health. Thus, we choose only ecologically pure detergents for furniture cleaning. Eco-detergents remove up to 95% of bacteria, ticks, stains, and dust while remaining safe and hypoallergenic. 

We use detergents that have no smell. You won’t feel the acrid smell of detergents even if you are at home when we provide sofa and other furniture cleaning services. 

If you have kids or pets at home and you care about their and your own health – upholstered furniture eco-cleaning from Smile Cleaning is your best choice!

Antiseptic treatment

Antiseptic is an alcohol-based solution for removing pathogens. There are a number of reasons why it should be used for cleaning:

  • if you have moved to an apartment where someone used to live;
  • if you have an allergy;
  • if someone had flu;
  • after the death of your pet.

All contact points in the apartment are treated with antiseptic to remove bacteria.

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How to order upholstered furniture cleaning services?

It only takes three simple steps to place an order on our website:

  1. Leave your request on our website.
  2. Smile Cleaning specialist will contact you and clarify all the details of the order.
  3. On the appointed day and time, Smile Cleaning specialist will conduct a high-quality cleaning of your home in accordance with the agreed list of services.

Besides sofa and upholstered furniture cleaning, we provide services on:

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