Office cleaning

Business centers and offices daily have heavy traffic of staff, visitors and support personnel. This makes all rooms dirty in no time.

It is necessary to make regular cleaning of the rooms to keep the office clean – this will not only positively affect its look but also the well-being of the staff. Regular cleaning helps to prevent allergic reactions and diseases associated with the respiratory system. As a result, working days will be simple and productive.

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Why choosing a cleaning company


Of course, you can hire a full-time cleaner but in this case, you will have to take care not only of her monthly salary, sick and vacation pays but also to purchase necessary equipment for cleaning.

It is much more convenient and advantageous to order the service “office cleaning” at a cleaning company. You will not only reduce costs but the load on the HR department. You also do not have to think about where to buy special chemicals.

Only the best specialists

All cleaners have already passed thorough
selection and additional training and we
ensure that only highly rated specialists
to remain in Smilecleaning.

We accept orders instantly

The order is placed on the website less than a couple of minutes,
and you immediately see the full cost
of cleaning or dry cleaning.

We guarantee 100% quality

If the quality of professional cleaning
does not meet your expectations we
will correct all mistakes.

Service types


Office cleaning can be:

  • general – at least 1 time in 6 months;
  • daily – allows maintaining a constant cleanness.

It can also be dry or wet. The services include disinfection.

Office cleaning carried out by experts from a cleaning company is a complex of services aimed at perfect cleanness.

Main services:

  • dust removal from office equipment;
  • dust removal from furniture, window sills;
  • washing windows, doors and floors;
  • polishing;
  • bathroom disinfection;
  • radiator cleaning;
  • cleaning of lighting elements;
  • dust removal from the ceiling and more.

Working with Smile Cleaning company


We have all the necessary tools for effective cleaning of office equipment and other surfaces. There is also special equipment that allows us to cope with any task.

The staff includes specialists who have passed the control when applying for a job in our company.

We have:

  • fixed prices;
  • democratic pricing policy;
  • a special uniform for the staff – all our employees look neat;
  • washing / cleaning products are safe for people.

We guarantee 100% quality work. If you don’t like anything we will correct the mistakes or make a refund!

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