Deep Cleaning of Concrete Floors at Bauhaus

Concrete floor deep cleaning is a process designed for cleaning hard flooring made of marble, concrete screed, PVC, tiles, or linoleum. The cleaning is done using rotary machinery and other specialized equipment. Deep floor cleaning is used to get rid of deep-seated dirt and stains, and remove the old protective coating layer before applying a new one. When in need to clean an office, residential or commercial spaces, warehouses, or premises, do not hesitate to turn to the professionals of the Smile Cleaning company.



How does one order concrete floor deep cleaning?

The price for the service starts at 2€/m2. Naturally, the price total depends on the level of dirtiness and the scope of the work. Cleaning can be a one-time service that you resort to in a critical situation when a space needs urgent professional cleaning, or—if the space needs to be cleaned periodically—it can become a service we provide on a regular basis. An important advantage of cleaning services is the use of specialized means of cleaning.

It should be noted that, contrary to the popular belief that cleaning is something only the wealthy can afford, our company’s high-quality services come at quite affordable prices.

Smile Cleaning has earned a reputation of a highly professional company. We have years of experience under our belts and we are glad to have appreciative and returning customers. We approach every job with a sense of diligence and responsibility, regardless of its scope – be it a standard cleaning of a one-room apartment or a professional concrete floor cleaning at a large hardware chain store like Bauhaus. It is important for us to always leave the customer satisfied.

Bauhaus is a sales company that deals in goods for construction, improvement, and furnishing of houses, summer homes, and gardens. We are honored to have been hired by a company of this level, and we would like to share our experience of executing this order. The store that needed cleaning was very spacious and was divided into several sectors. The sector that came under our purview was called Vannitoamaailm. Generally, such big retail stores have either tiles or concrete for flooring. Bauhaus turned to us for help in cleaning the concrete floors. The tiles had to be removed for the floor itself to be cleaned. Once we were done with that, the space was littered with fiberglass, remnants of tiles and tile adhesive, dust, etc. Our job was to restore the concrete floor to its original look.

How is deep cleaning of a concrete floor done?


As per usual, the job was done in a highly professional manner. Deep cleaning of the flooring is done with specialized equipment and chemical agents. At some point the dirt and stains become so tough to remove that any attempts to do so without professional help are simply unreasonable. In such cases it is better to contact a cleaning company, whose experts shall undertake the cleaning of any flooring type, and are guaranteed to produce excellent results.

In order to clean the concrete flooring our experts employed specialized high-powered equipment over several stages. First, using a special powerful vacuum cleaner we collected all remaining debris, rubble, and coarse dust. Then, with the help of a rotary washer and a special cleaning agent we thoroughly washed the top coating layer of the flooring. Next, using a scrubber, we collected the resulting water and dust mixture. With the old coating layer removed, we washed the concrete flooring using the scrubber.

For the next step, we treated the floor with a dedicated chemical agent. After a thorough cleaning, our experts applied a protective layer that acts as a moisture-repellent coating, protects the surface from wear and abrasion, and prevents tough stains from getting into flooring. Only deep floor cleaning done with professional equipment can produce such excellent results.

What tools and products are used for cleaning?


We used professional cleaning and washing products, professional high-powered equipment, and also experience and professionalism of our staff to successfully complete the task. All the tools we used were provided to us by the Sitypro online store (

We are grateful to Bauhaus Lasnamäe for entrusting us with this task. Over the years we have cleaned and washed thousands of square meters’ worth of rooms and concrete surfaces of parking lots and warehouses, and have serviced hundreds of grateful customers. Our accumulated experience allows us to perform our work efficiently, professionally and promptly.


Our company offers a variety of cleaning services: standard and thorough cleaning of apartments and houses; cleaning after renovations and moving house; office cleaning; windows cleaning; cleaning of sofas, upholstered furniture and carpets; cleaning of warehouse and industrial premises; deep floor cleaning after various contaminations; cleaning of concrete floors after construction and much more. We are ready to clean even the most inaccessible places and rooms. Put your trust in professionals – high quality and good results are our guarantee! Our workflow is very efficient: your order will be processed very quickly, after which our experts will be dispatched to the premises, where they will employ their honed skills to complete the task in the shortest possible time. You can be sure you will be satisfied with the result!


Dedicated to you, Smile Cleaning

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