Eco-cleaning of carpets

Carpets are a cozy part of the interior. But, it is a thing that gets dirty, and it is not washable in the washing machine. Dry cleaning or eco-cleaning of carpets comes to the rescue.

At dry cleaning aggressive cleaners are used to erase stains and pollution. But, quite often, the chemistry used for cleaning carpets is harmful to humans, the environment, causes allergies, is prohibited in areas where there are children, pregnant women and pets.

A safe alternative to dry cleaning is eco-cleaning of carpets. Eco-cleaning of carpets will clean pollution and will destroy the majority of bacteria. It allows to look after any kind of a floor covering. Suitable for hand-tied products, natural woolen carpets and silk floor coverings.

Prices for eco-cleaning of carpets:

Price for cleaning of carpet is from 7 € per sq.m.

Carpet from 3 sq.m. from 21 €
Carpet from 6 sq.m. from 42 €


The minimal cost of departure is 50 €. 

Only the best specialists

All cleaners have already passed thorough
selection and additional training and we
ensure that only highly rated specialists
to remain in Smile Cleaning.

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We guarantee 100% quality

If the quality of professional cleaning
does not meet your expectations we
will correct all mistakes.

Smile Cleaning offers an alternative to dry carpet cleaning – eco-cleaning. This type of carpet care is carried out with the use of high quality detergents that do not cause allergies and are safe for people and animals, i.e. can be used in residential areas. Such care for carpets will make them brighter without damaging the pile.

Smile Cleaning’s employees perform eco-cleaning of carpets at home with the use of advanced techniques that allow to eliminate even old stains in a short time. Applying the best equipment and qualitative means for removal of pollution Smile Cleaning easily cope with the most difficult tasks.

Specialists of Smile Cleaning company will provide cleanliness in the premises:

  • will render services on eco-cleaning of carpets at home. The time it takes for the floor covering to be cleaned is from 1 to 4 hours;
  • will carry out cleaning of carpets with safe ecological means;
  • guarantee the quality of the work performed and recommend regular eco-cleaning of floor coverings several times a year. Such regular maintenance will allow to keep floor clean and fresh at all times.

Order eco-cleaning of the carpet in Tallinn from Smile Cleaning. We will provide services at affordable prices. When you place an order on the site, you will immediately see the cost of works.

Antiseptic treatment

Antiseptic is an alcohol-based solution for removing pathogens. There are a number of reasons why it should be used for cleaning:

  • if you have moved to an apartment where someone used to live;
  • if you have an allergy;
  • if someone had flu;
  • after the death of your pet.

All contact points in the apartment are treated with antiseptic to remove bacteria.

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