General deep cleaning

Smile Cleaning company offers its clients professional general cleaning services in apartments, houses.

We don’t always have enough time for ourselves. So when should we be cleaning the dust or washing the floors then? Or what about the general cleaning that can take up to a whole day? Smile Cleaning has a solution. Our ‘General cleaning’ services in Tallinn and other cities in Estonia will help to keep your apartment clean and don’t spend a minute of your personal time. 
Benefits of the deep cleaning services from Smile Cleaning:

  • time-saving (while your apartment is being cleaned by a team of professionals, you have the opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones);
  • a team of experienced specialists (we carefully select and train each employee);
  • safe cleaning products (we only use detergents that are safe for humans and the environment that contain probiotics);
  • insurance (you can be sure that if anything is damaged during cleaning, you will get compensation).

General cleaning prices, as well as time for the service, are calculated individually for each client.

Here are some examples of the cost of cleaning a house:

50 m2 75 m2 90 m2 125 m2 150 m2 180 m2 215 m2 250 m2 275 m2 300 m2
Amount: from 167.40€ from 253.53 from 263.47 from 281.25 from 324.46€ from 378.54 from 416.33€ from 423.00€ from 481.25€ from 525.00€


The minimal cost of departure is 50 €. 

Average general cleaning takes from 6 to 8 hours.

Cost: from 2,40€/m2.

What is included in the “General cleaning” service package?


The ‘General cleaning’ from the Smile Cleaning company includes the following services:

  • dry and wet floor cleaning (a vacuum cleaner is used for all floor coverings);
  • dust removal from horizontal surfaces (you determine the required height, with a height of more than 3 m, the client agrees to provide a stepladder for access to the surfaces);
  • cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces (except windows);
  • door cleaning;
  • cleaning the outside of pipes and radiators;
  • switches and sockets cleaning;
  • baseboard cleaning;
  • cleaning walls from mild dirt*;

*places of intensive use (schools, kindergartens, bars, cafe, offices, etc. negotiated separately)

  • cleaning floor and wall lights (to access the ceiling lights, the client agrees to provide a stepladder);
  • cleaning of sanitary facilities (the list of services includes the removal of plaque and stone);
  • cleaning of kitchen furniture (inside and outside);
  • clean large kitchen equipment outside and inside (equipment includes an oven, refrigerator, stove, etc.);
  • at the request of the client, clean the freezer inside and outside;
  • cleaning of all cabinets inside and outside (laying out personal belongings by agreement);
  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture (only with a vacuum cleaner).

At your request, you can add additional services. The cost of each additional service is 17 euros per hour. You can also exclude a service from the list when making an order with our specialist, the package price will be recalculated.


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Our advantages


Present our certificate to friends, relatives and friends, freeing them from unnecessary trouble.


They create an environment unfavorable for harmful bacteria and allow you to clean any surfaces, corners and depressions.

Ready-made service packages

For those who value time and want to save.

What is the price of cleaning?


The cost of cleaning depends on the frequency and the size of the apartment/house. On our website, you can find our price list for the services and choose the right one for you.

You can purchase a gift card for 60, 150 and 200 euros. A card is a great gift option that will allow your friends, loved ones or parents to enjoy their free time without spending precious hours on cleaning.

How to place an order?


You can order our cleaning services on our website. All you have to do is to place an order online and our specialist will contact you right away. Our managers will help you to choose the right date and time for cleaning. Our specialist will arrive at the appointed time.

Find out the cost!
Fill out the form and we will call you back!

What do we offer?


The Smile Cleaning team provides the following services: 

The Smile Cleaning services is a great option to spend your time with maximum benefit for yourself and enjoy the cleanliness of your home or office!

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