Cleaning of garages and parking lots

Our company offers a new service – cleaning of garages and parking lots. We provide such a service with high quality using professional detergents and cleaning agents, as well as special equipment. All chemicals used by our company do not harm human health and do not damage the decorative coatings of the premises.

In the garage, as a rule, over time, specific contaminants appear in the form of smudges of oil or gasoline, which form stains. It is almost impossible to remove them on your own. Only professionals can cope with this task.
Often, a warehouse of unnecessary things is formed in garages. We will rid you of them, we will put you in perfect order.

We also provide cleaning services for parking lots and covered car parks. We use a professional washing machine and a special vacuum cleaner to clean them.

The range of services for cleaning garages and parking lots necessarily includes:

  • Cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner
  • Washing floors with machines

(Machines are selected according to the condition of the floor and its base)

  • Wipe the windowsills
  • Removing dust from radiators (only outside)
  • Removing dust from conventional doors.

By agreement (washing garage doors, washing lattice doors, removing dirt from all radiators inside, washing walls, removing dirt above a height of 1.80, washing windows, wet cleaning carpets)

Everything else is discussed additionally at the request of the client.



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