How did we get our customers through site promotion?

Website promotion: why do you need it? 

SEO means improvement of a site’s position in search engines. The competition for the rating is huge. The higher your site, the more chances that someone will come to you, not to competitors. For good sales, the site should occupy at least the TOP-10 position. 

The main task of most sites is to attract potential customers, sell, make a profit. It is decided by SEO. Cleaning niche is very competitive. We compete with other companies by promoting our site. Our reliable partner SeoBY helps us with this.

Our experience

SEO for Russian language queries

We provide cleaning services in Tallinn and Harjumaa. But people in Tallinn communicate not only in Estonian, also we have many foreigners who speak Russian and English. Search engines have their own output for each language. Originally the russian version of our site was on 44th position. During the 7 months of joint work, our position has risen from 44 to the average of 2.5 in the search engine results.

The increase in Russian language queries was activated after 3 months. There were also some downgrades in the rating. After all, the competitors are not dozing off. In addition, we experimented. Thanks to constant experimentation and refinement, we were able to improve our position. Now we are not talking about the TOP-10, but about getting to the TOP-3!

Pict. 1 – The growth graph of the average position of the russian version

Working with Estonian queries

Site Smile Cleaning at the beginning of work on the Estonian version took 30th position. Within half a year we rose to the mark of 10.8. On the chart, let’s be frank, there is a decrease in positions, because there are also competitors.

Pict. 2 – The growth graph of the average position of the estonian version

The work with SeoBY gave us organic traffic which is the most natural and cheapest. After all, users find the site in search engines themselves, not through advertisements, respectively, you do not have to pay for each click on the ad. And search engines distribute sites depending on the convenience to the user, the rating can not buy. We are a leader in Russian and Estonian search engines. The number of users from organics increased by 30%.

Pict. 3 – The growth graph of users from organic traffic


The cooperation with SeoBY has given good results. Site attendance increased by many times, clicks brought clients and profit. Although there were concerns at the start: how will they understand the Estonian mentality, will the work be remotely effective, how will they understand the essence of SEO to see the changes?

We are more than satisfied. All the questions cleared up the results. We recommend everyone who has just created a site, wants to always keep it in the top, breathe life into a forgotten resource or correct a deplorable and costly experience, to contact SeoBY. 

All tasks are solved quickly and on time, employees are competent in the subject, always advise, and thanks to constant communication with specialists, questions with different mentality are quickly solved. 

The company offers different promotion services. And the prices are lower than in Estonian companies, despite the highest quality of performance.

Do you want to know who these heroes are? Go to the website of their company SeoBY.

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