Ready service packages by Smile Cleaning

Do you want to contact a cleaning company for a long time, but the price and strangers in the house confuse and alarm you? Smile Cleaning found a solution – ready service packages. We will talk more about them in this article.

What are service packages and what are their benefits?

A package of services is a kind of “subscription” in the field of cleaning. When buying a subscription to the gym for a month, a simple scheme applies: you buy a subscription once and go a month a certain number of times. The same logic works with cleaning: you buy a package of services and use the services of a cleaning company 1-4 times a month.
Service packages have significant benefits:

  • profitable money saving. Purchasing a package will cost you less than a one-time service order. Let’s compare: the ready Base cleaning package for cleaning a room of 50 sq.m. each week will cost you 160 €, while ordering a standard cleaning once a week will be more expensive: 210.90 €. The difference of 50 € is significant, isn’t it?
  • permanent team of cleaners. We understand that for many people the presence of strangers in the house is uncomfortable, therefore we made it possible for people who bought the package to have only 1 team of permanent cleaners. Therefore, you do not have to meet strangers every time and trust them with your holy grail – the house.

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Why choose service packages from Smile Cleaning?

At the moment there are a lot of cleaning companies on the market, however, Smile Cleaning has something that makes us special:

  • we do not use cleaning products containing chlorine and its compounds. The health and comfort of customers for us is above all, therefore we are practically the only ones who use cleaning products with probiotics. These products are not only not inferior to chlorinated ones, but are even ahead in efficiency and safety. Many of our customers have understood the difference between these products and now on an ongoing basis prefer cleaning with probiotics.
  • high requirements for each employee. Since our job is to visit clients’ homes, it is important for us that our employees are polite and courteous, since they are the face of our company. Therefore, each candidate is carefully and strictly selected.
  • big team. You don’t have to worry that the cleaning will fail or be postponed, the large staff allows us to quickly find a replacement for an employee who could not get to work for a number of reasons.
  • availability of insurance. If the floor covering, upholstery of upholstered furniture or anything else during cleaning is damaged, our company will certainly compensate for the damage. Customers’ trust – not an empty phrase for us.
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