How to make yourself do the cleaning?

Many of us are familiar with the feeling when your home is a bit of a mess and you are too lazy to do the cleaning. There are different reasons: work, studies, kids, business, or simply laziness. Whatever the reason, dirt and mess at home don’t look satisfying. It is proved that if your house is clean and tidy, your mood improves as all. So how to make yourself do the cleaning?

Why don’t we like to do the cleaning?

Why don’t we like to do the cleaning?

We bet you agree that most of the people don’t even like to think about the cleaning. Why does it happen? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Not enough time. The modern rhythm of life makes people have breakfast on-the-go, solve various problems on their way to work or at home. So how can we talk about making your house clean when we simply don’t have time for regular things? Not that many people are willing to spend their time cleaning.
  • Tiredness. You go to work, don’t forget to go to the gym or take your kids from kindergarten and make dinner afterwards. Many people simply don’t have enough energy after a tiring day at work. So don’t blame yourself of being lazy, it’s normal.
  • Don’t have the mood. Stress, depression, apathy are not good for anyone. Or you just may not want to clean. We call such people “men of moods”. If you have the right mood, you won’t even notice how fast you’ve made your house clean and tidy.

How to start cleaning if you’re not in the mood?

The most difficult thing is to get the right mood and start cleaning. To make it easier, you can follow several steps:

  • Stage 1 — pick the right music. Turn on something dynamic and let’s get it started! 
  • Stage 2 — evaluate the scope of work. Check what you need to clean, in what parts of your home. 
  • Stage 3 — divide your apartment into zones. It will help you to clean consistently with no worries at all. 
  • Stage 4 — let’s get it started!

Where to get the motivation to start cleaning?

Where to get the motivation to start cleaning?

If you live with friends or family, cleaning will be a good example for everyone. You might also feel uncomfortable if someone thinks that you don’t keep your home clean. 

Cleaning also helps you to distract from bad thoughts, make your head clear and improve your mood. Cleaning your home is also a great physical activity

Our main advice — respect yourself

If you don’t have enough time for cleaning, don’t force yourself. Spend more free time for yourself: go to the gym, SPA, have a cup of coffee with your friends who you don’t see often due to being busy.

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