Probiotic Cleaning Services

House cleaning is not only a great way to keep your home clean and appealing but also guarantees good health for you and your family.

It’s not a secret that most of the detergents contain chlorine and other compounds that are effective for cleaning the dirt but can harm your health. They irritate the respiratory system, exacerbate heart disease and can cause severe allergies.

Since most of the detergents are harmful, how can we keep our home clean and not placing your loved ones at a health risk?

Today, we will tell you about a safe way for your home cleaning that will keep your house clean with no need to use detergents that can harm your health.

Are there any safe ways to clean your house?

It’s not a secret that compounds of most detergents are not safe both for the environment and your health. However, people usually can’t find ecologically safe detergents that could be as effective as regular ones.

We always try to get rid of bad bacteria using disinfectants without giving them any chances to survive. However, what if we not only don’t kill them but actually help them evolve?

Bacteria mutate and become immune to the remedy after each use of the disinfectant, which means that it will be impossible to destroy them later.

It seems that you’ve already tried all methods of cleaning and there is no chance you can clean the house without harm to your health. But thanks to Mother Nature we are now able to use microorganisms that can destroy pathogens. They are called probiotics.

We care about our clients and use only detergents that contain probiotics for cleaning apartments and houses, offices, and furniture.

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How do probiotics work?

Probiotics don’t get rid of bad bacteria but create bad conditions for their further propagation. Basically, good bacteria are fighting the pathogens. It means that while probiotics propagate, pathogens don’t get enough water, food, and space for living and bad bacteria can’t propagate further.

Interesting fact: pathogens can’t adapt to probiotics or mutate since probiotics don’t kill them but simply create vital substance shortage.

How can probiotics ensure a perfectly clean home?

As it was mentioned before, probiotics don’t kill pathogens. But what does it happen then?

Don’t be surprised but good bacteria simply eat bad ones by attaching their enzymes to them, thus, get rid of dust and dirt. When probiotic bacteria eat pathogens, they get power to propagate. As a result, they will propagate as long as they have food – dirt. Thus, good bacteria will stop propagating only when they get rid of all the dirt.

Summarizing all the above, probiotics are detergents that are able to completely get rid of all the dirt while not harming the health of people and animals. You choose safety and comfort when ordering probiotic cleaning services. Order probiotic cleaning services at Smile Cleaning now and we will take care of your home and family. Services on cleaning with probiotics are available in Tallinn and other cities. Check out our main page for more information.

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