Cleaning of premises in kindergarten, general cleaning

Kindergarten cleaning
The pandemic has brought many problems for all of us. And he asked parents a lot of questions: how should a child walk in a crowded place, how to protect children in schools and kindergartens?
To protect our children from the deadly virus, the state has revised the cleaning rules in institutions where children are found:

  • Daily wet cleaning
  • General cleaning

Cleaning in a nursery with Covid-19 must be carried out according to special rules and schedules, in order to exclude the possibility of contagion and spread of the virus. And as protective measures, kindergarten cleaners must use shoes with shoe covers, dressing gowns, aprons, goggles, rubber gloves – protection from the deadly virus has come to the fore.

Cleanliness is an excellent business card for choosing a kindergarten.
For a child, spending many hours a day with peers is an extraordinary opportunity to grow up, and obviously parents will choose the best nursery, both in terms of professionalism and competence of the staff (teachers, staff, assistants) and they take care of cleaning the environments in which the child will spend most of the day. Unfortunately, if on the one hand attending kindergarten is an exceptional opportunity for every child to have an educational experience, on the other it must be recognized that socialization contributes to the transmission of viruses and bacteria that are harmful to children.

Cleaning of premises in kindergarten

Therefore, many children in kindergarten get sick. Minimizing the bacterial threshold in places frequented by children is only possible through the scrupulous intervention of a specialized company such as Smile Cleaning, which follows a carefully crafted protocol to disinfect bedrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, dining rooms, corridors.

Wet cleaning in kindergarten
Regular wet cleaning in the nursery is an important safety measure against pathogens that cause illness to both children and staff.
The wet cleaning list includes:

  • washing and disinfection of toys
  • clean the furniture
  • clean carpets and scrub
  • washing of the plumbing system
  • room ventilation
  • etc.

As doctors confirm, infections are spread when you sneeze, cough, and just talk. They fall directly on the surface of the body of other children or kindergarten workers and also settle on surfaces. This is very dangerous, because on the surface, as scientists have shown, the virus can be active for several days. In this case, the radius of infection reaches three. Therefore, it is so important to carry out wet cleaning in kindergartens, offices, houses, apartments every day.

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General cleaning in kindergarten

General cleaning, unlike daily wet cleaning, is a more thorough cleaning of all rooms and surfaces:

  • baseboard
  • areas under the furniture
  • lighting
  • ventilation hoods
  • radiator washing
  • wash the windows
  • clean carpets, mattresses, blankets and pillows with special equipment or they must be dry cleaned
  • etc.

As we can see from the list, general cleaning in the nursery should be carried out using special equipment. Unfortunately, not all childcare institutions have it. Therefore, it is very important to find a specialized cleaning company that provides high quality cleaning in a short time.

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The specialists of the company “Cleaning Smile” carry out all disinfection procedures in Estonia not only with special equipment. We use cleaning products that contain probiotics. Laboratory studies of the University of Tartu, the Institute of Technology, have shown that the use of probiotics in the fight against dangerous microbes and disease CoronaVIrus 2019 gives more effective results than using conventional chemicals.

Studies from the University of Tartu show that the use of probiotics in a certain amount completely excludes the spread of the virus on clean surfaces. Furthermore, these beneficial bacteria are completely safe for human health and the environment.

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Our “Smile Cleaning” cleaning company was created to free people from strenuous cleaning. We provide a wide range of services:

All kinds of work are carried out by our specialists with conscience and with the use of probiotics, because we save not only your time, but also your health.

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