Window cleaning: the cost of the service and for whom it’ll be useful

Windows are not only our eyes of the outside world but also allow learning more about the apartment owners. That’s why it is important to keep your window as clean as possible. What to do when you live on the 16th floor, or windows are too big and you can’t clean them yourself? The window cleaning services from Smile Cleaning is the answer.

Who can order the window cleaning services at Smile Cleaning?

Our window cleaning services are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their premises clean. Our team can perform work of any complexity no matter what type of building you have:

  • apartment windows;
  • private house windows;
  • shop windows;
  • industrial center windows.

How do we work?

At Smile Cleaning, we provide our clients with high-quality and thorough cleaning services. Our window cleaning services include:

  • washing of slopes, window sills, frames and accessories;
  • glass washing inside and outside the building;
  • cleaning the entire surface.

The following service can be ordered separately or be included in our cleaning packages:

What is the price of window cleaning services?

The price is calculated individually for each client. The window cleaning process can take from 30 min to up to 3 hours. The price of our cleaning services starts at 7€ per window.

Benefits of the window cleaning services at Smile Cleaning

  • a team of highly-qualified specialists. Each of our employees is trained and is familiar with the safety measures;
  • cleaning with special tools and detergents that remove dirt efficiently don’t damage glass or window frames;
  • time-saving. You do not have to spend precious hours washing large windows and combating the fear of heights – our professional teams will do everything for you;
  • special equipment for washing windows at high altitudes. We will make your windows clean even a few meters above the ground;
  • safety first. Our team members use helmets, belts and safety systems;
  • discount system for regular customers.

How to place an order?

Leave your request on the website or contact or specialist by phone or via an online chat to order our window cleaning services. Managers at Smile Cleaning will contact you as soon as possible to set a date and time. At the appointed date, our team will make your order.

Window cleaning process

See the pictures below and the result of our work on washing the windows of an industrial building, as well as an example of one of the most complex projects: removing an advertising sticker from the glass. As you can see, our team successfully coped with the task and removed sticker and glue completely.

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