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In his life, every person is faced with the thoughts “repair”, “construction”, “need to be repaired” about a two or three times a year. And with these thoughts, questions arise: where to buy, what is better to choose, how to recive, and so on and so forth.

For all these questions and more, we can help you!

Construction online store – pertner of Smile Cleaning,  online store is the best assistant in construction, repair and so on. More than 17 categories are presented in the online store, of which:

– сonstruction Materials

– doors, windows, stairs, window sills, thresholds

– bathroom, toilet, bath

– terrace and care

– and much more that is needed to improve the quality of life and help in construction.

A little about the “guts” of categories that will help you understand the choice.

Building Materials has several sub-categories to help make your building process easier:

  1. Construction boards and drywall.

In this section you can find all types of boards from moisture resistant, windproof and to facade materials. With the help of them, you can easily hide engineering communications, make a multi-level ceiling and many other works.

  1. Construction mixtures
  2. Rain and downpipes
  3. Roof. This is a paradise for builders – in this subcategory there is absolutely everything for the roof of buildings: concrete, ceramic tiles, roofing paints (to protect your roof), as well as all the necessary materials and accessories for this type of repair.
  4. Insulation on the street and much more.

The service of assistance in choosing on the site works perfectly: do you have any questions? You can set them in a pop-up window. Competent operators will answer you in a short time, explain and prompt.

In the section Doors, windows, stairs, window sills, thresholds there is everything: from doors and doorways themselves, windows and window fittings, stairs and handrails, attic hatches…

There are doors for every taste: internal and external, and folding doors will help you save space. The design will please any esthete, the conformity of quality and price will please every client.

Fireproof, metal, bath doors and even garage doors.

Of course, when the goods are large in size, the question of delivery immediately arises. “SityPro” will take care of this.

Omniva and Italla assistants are always ready to make deliveries of any size and to any point in Estonia and Finland. All orders are sent after payment (if payment was made after 14:00, the goods are shipped the next day). And for the convenience of customers: delivery on weekends and holidays is carried out by agreement.

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Bathroom, toilet, sauna – a variety of amenities for healing and relaxation.

  1. Sauna. This place brings harmony to the soul and improves the health of everyone. In this section you can find everything:

sauna stoves (wood-burning heaters)

electric heaters

sauna wood

– bath accessories can create a special atmosphere of comfort, coziness and relaxation. Fragrant brooms, steamers, bowls, buckets, tubs and basins, aroma oils and more. These products not only organically fit into the style of the bath, but also contribute to the enjoyment of purification rituals.

  1. Bathroom. Many people think that the bath itself takes up a lot of space, there is a lot of water consumption, and so on.

But sometimes you just want to come home from work and relax in the bath. And your children will thank you for having fun while swimming: “flopping” in the water, playing with water toys… Unfortunately, this is impossible to afford in the shower cabin.

On the site “SityPro” link to the Baths section you can find a bath of any size, shape and suitable for your interior.

  1. Sinks, toilet bowls

Even some two centuries ago, full-fledged bathrooms with toilets and washbasins simply did not exist. In those days, special containers and jugs were used to take water procedures.

In our time, everything has changed and even more, now people are faced with a large selection of models of products for bathrooms.

In this subsection you can choose not only toilets, bidets and sinks, but also fittings, spare parts, seats for both adults and children.

  1. Shower enclosures

It also happens that there is absolutely not enough space in the bathroom. The subcategory Shower Enclosures link to the page will help to solve this problem.

On this page you can choose whatever your heart desires:

1) shower trays are able to satisfy any request.

Let’s say you prefer a modern lightweight design, choose frameless types of corners, consisting only of glass, hinges and leveling profiles with which the glass is attached to the wall.

Or you do not have a large footage in the bathroom, then the semi-frame type of corner is perfect for you with sliding doors, without vertical profiles. Modern look and great functionality!

There is another popular option – frame type corner, here the glass is installed in the frame, which increases their strength.

2) shower walls

The site also has an excellent selection of shower walls. Each of them has its own functionality:

Sliding shower walls – saving space in the bathroom and not allowing water to get outside the shower enclosure. Even after opening the door, water flows into the pan.

Folding shower walls – the advantage is the large entrance width with small door sizes.

Rotating shower walls – are a simple and maintenance-free opening system. When opened, part of the door opens inwards.

Shower walls with lift-and-swivel mechanism – chrome-plated metal hinges equipped with a lifting mechanism provide vertical movement of the doors to the required position, their automatic lifting when opening and full contact with the tray or floor when closing.

3) shower cabins

Shower cabins are designed for small-sized bathrooms, compared to a regular bath, they take up less space. But remember that when choosing a hydro box for a shower, it is important to consider the dimensions of the bathroom itself, your own dimensions and family members.

And in order not to be lost in conjectures, on the site you can always contact consultants, they are completely competent to help you.

Medium to large bathrooms can easily accommodate a standard shower cubicle and a spa bath. An excellent solution would be to purchase a two-in-one shower MASSAAZIKABIIN NOVE OW-Z15PAREM. The shower mix combines the advantages of bathtubs and cabins, and advantageously saves space.

4) steam baths

5) and even massage panels. Today, our pace of life (and the cost of services is rather big) does not allow us to go for a massage every day. On the site “SityPro” link to Massage panels you will find an excellent solution: massage panels for shower cabins. Hydromassage will help you relax after a hard day and cheer up in the morning.

Tile. As for the choice of tiles, everyone will say: everything is very difficult!

In fact, when choosing a new bathroom or kitchen interior design, there are always 3 options:

  1. listen to your inner world and make yourself responsible for your decisions;
  2. listen to the opinions of others, and take into account some of the ideas and advice for the implementation of their actions;
  3. rely on a professional and blindly follow him, shifting the final result onto his shoulders.

As for the choice of store – here the choice is obvious! “SityPro”

The store’s website has a huge selection of tiles:

– wall-mounted

– floor

– decorative and natural stone

– decor for wall tiles

– porcelain tile and more.

As for accessories:

– waterproofing, cuffs and reinforcing materials

– grout for joints

– tile adhesives.

Whichever option you choose, the online store “SityPro” will always support you and your choice with quality goods and a pleasant price.

Home interior is one of the most important aspects, because the house should be warm and cozy, safe and comfortable.

The section “Home interior” will help you with all these tasks.

Kitchen and kitchen fittings

Kitchen renovation is always done for years, and it is very important to design it correctly and select components. Naturally, you can turn to a professional furniture maker for advice and at the same time, you are the one who knows your own needs and habits best. For the most positive result, you need to figure out the configuration of the kitchen yourself and think through every detail.

There are 4 selection criteria for this:

  1. The quality of materials. The components of the products must be made of reliable materials that are not subject to corrosion and deformation. For example, stainless steel and polymeric materials are ideal for use in high humidity and temperature extremes.
  2. Practicality. High-quality components are able to withstand large and prolonged loads without loss of properties (hinges on cabinet doors, they can sag over time and need to be “tightened” from time to time).
  3. Style. You can not write off the fact that the components must be combined with the design of the headset. By contacting the operators on the site “SityPro”, you will receive competent advice on all products on the site.
  4. Manufacturer. The hardware market is full and, unfortunately, not all of these products have a confirmed certificate. Usually, outwardly, it always resembles the original, but is inferior in properties and lasts a short time.

Curtains and accessories

Choosing curtains is never easy. For the hall you need one color, for the bedrooms of another …

And in this section there is everything:

– blinds

– roller, blackout and textile curtains

– metal and wooden cornices

– accessories for curtains

– awnings and tires

A huge selection of quality products will please you.

Paintings, mirrors, wickerwork, carpets and rugs and more…

Everything to make your home much more comfortable you can find in this section: a huge selection of mirrors not only for bedrooms and bathrooms, but those that can refresh your interior. Carpets and rugs of any design and size. A variety of paintings of any type: flowers, architecture, kitchen motif, abstraction, animals and more.

Work clothes, shoes, gloves, protective equipment.

The task of personal protective equipment is to ensure the safety of workers, care for their health and life. Therefore, the quality of such clothing and other products are subject to increased requirements. In the manufacture of these products, the manufacturer must use only certified and safe raw materials, since during operation the materials should not emit toxins and other hazardous compounds that can harm human health.

All protective equipment must meet the following criteria:

  1. light weight
  2. high strength and reliability
  3. provide effective protection against various types of risk:

– thermal and chemical burns

– toxic fumes poisoning

– mechanical damage to the skin and limbs

– increased noise, vibration and other negative factors.

All products on the site of the online store “SityPro” comply with all labor protection rules and are quality products. Take care of your health – choose quality with the “SityPro” store!

Information about the delivery of goods on the territories of Estonia and Finland.

The delivery service of the online store “SityPro” uses delivery across the territory of Estonia through the Smart Post terminal for containers: M, L, XL. Delivery is carried out within 72 hours from the date of payment of the order.

There is also express delivery, which delivers within one working day from the date of payment of the order. A small nuance: all orders paid after 14:00 are transferred to the next business day.

As for the large dimensions – this is also not a problem. Postal companies Gargobus and Itella, Omniva are ready to deliver your orders to any place in Estonia.

In Finland, the store also delivers small orders through the Smart Post terminal:

  1. Maximum weight – 35 kg.
  2. Minimum weight – 250 g.
  3. Minimum dimensions: 3.5cm*15cm*25cm.
  4. Prices include 20% VAT.

The speed of movement of parcels placed before the time of removal of parcels from the machines is:

– Helsinki area in 1-3 days

– other areas of Finland – 3-5 business days

In Finland, the online store “SityPro” works with the postal companies Italla, Põhjatransport OU and Ferroline OU, which are very happy to make delivery of any dimensions: euro pallets (up to 250 cm * 80 cm * 120 cm) and a drywall pallet (up to 250 cm * 320 cm * 120 cm).

You can view the price list for the delivery of orders by clicking on the link to the Delivery Information tab.

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