Cleaning after construction in Espoo, Finland


After construction work, a lot of debris and dirt remains. It is difficult for us to remove all construction debris and clean furniture and walls from dirt that remains after construction. Professional cleaning company SmileCleaning will be able to clean the dirt with specialized products without damaging it during cleaning.

Post construction cleaning includes:

  • Dry and wet floor cleaning;
  • Removal of dust, stains and other construction contaminants (strong contaminants like glue or oil paints are negotiated separately);
  • Cleaning baseboards, doors, radiator sockets, switches, fixtures;
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning are negotiated separately (NB! If the pollution is insignificant and will take up to 30 minutes, then this is included in the cleaning, if the pollution is more significant, then the time and payment are negotiated additionally);
  • If necessary, cleaning household appliances;
  • Cleaning of construction waste (bulky waste is negotiated separately).


The cost of cleaning after repair


Number of square meters: Amount:
50 m2 from 102.00 €
75 m2 from 131.25 €
100 m2 from 156 €
125 m2 from 195 €


Cleaning after repair can be carried out in the premises of any purpose, regardless of whether it is an office or living room, kitchen or bathroom.

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