Deep Cleaning of Cobblestone Floors in Tallinn’s Old Town


Tallinn’s Old Town is a picturesque place inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list, attracting thousands of tourists with its historical atmosphere and unique architecture. Over the years, it has accumulated a rich heritage that we are obliged to preserve for future generations. One of the key aspects of maintaining this unique atmosphere is the care of cobblestone floors that give the city its distinctive character.

Smile Cleaning: Preserving the Beauty of the Old Town

Smile Cleaning takes pride in its role in preserving the cultural heritage of Tallinn’s Old Town. We specialize in deep cleaning cobblestone floors in buildings within this historic district. Our mission is not only to restore the floors to their original condition but to do so with respect for the environment and heritage.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

When it comes to deep cleaning cobblestone floors, Smile Cleaning adheres to a strategy of using only environmentally friendly and gentle products. We understand that restoring antique floors requires a special approach to maintain their unique appearance without causing harm to the environment. Our specialists carefully select products that effectively remove dirt and stains without leaving behind harmful chemical residues.

Rich Experience and Professional Expertise

We take pride in our rich experience in the field of deep cleaning cobblestone floors. Our team has undergone numerous complex projects in Tallinn’s Old Town, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of technologies and methods most suitable for this unique type of flooring. We know how to handle historical materials with care and achieve impressive results without causing damage.

Preserving Heritage for Future Generations

Our efforts are directed not only towards the current restoration of cobblestone floors but also towards preserving this heritage for future generations. We strive for the ancient buildings and their unique details to remain accessible and inspire the upcoming generations of our city. Smile Cleaning recognizes that every detail matters and that our work contributes to the preservation of Tallinn’s authenticity and beauty.

Cobblestone Floors: Art of Preservation in Unique Spaces

Many spaces in the Old Town are used for restaurants, cafes, bars, as well as jewelry shops that provide essential services to the city’s guests. As a result, cobblestone floors are subjected to the daily impact of a large number of people and unavoidable mechanical stress. To maintain the atmosphere of past centuries and recreate the feeling when even knights walked on these floors, it’s essential to ensure their impeccable cleanliness.

Smile Cleaning: Partnering with Unique Establishments

We understand that establishments like restaurants and jewelry shops play a significant role in creating the atmosphere and image of the Old Town. Smile Cleaning takes pride in partnering with such unique establishments, providing them with high-quality deep cleaning services for cobblestone floors. We understand the needs of these establishments and strive to maintain their appearance and cleanliness at the highest level.


The deep cleaning of cobblestone floors in Tallinn’s Old Town is more than just a job for us; it’s part of our mission to preserve a unique cultural history. Smile Cleaning is ready to continue its crucial work in maintaining the cultural heritage and beauty of this remarkable place for the generations to come. We are proud to contribute to the preservation of the Old Town and make it accessible to all who value its history and architecture.

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