Antiseptic treatment of apartments, houses and offices

The situation in today’s world is getting worse every day. The reason for this is appearance and rapid spread of the twenty-first century virus – coronavirus. We’ve heard all about it. The news feeds are full of events only about this disease. The number of infected and dead victims is increasing every day.

Authorities of all countries of the world are concerned about what happened and by all means prevent the world from being swallowed up by pandemics. But are all methods effective and safe for the environment and our health?

By February 2020, it was already known: it is difficult for bacteria to retain their effect and to tolerate via airborne droplets, although this is acceptable. The problem is that when you cough or sneeze, saliva particles with bacteria settle on objects. Objects are the right environment for them, where the elements can last for several hours.

Handlebars, pens, furniture – all household items are the environment where the virus successfully develops. A person frequently touches these objects on a daily basis. And if at least one of them will be infected, one cannot avoid the outbreak of coronavirus. 

Sphere of household chemistry in connection with recent events offers a variety of products that include components that are far from sparing for the skin, nails, hair, mucous membranes. And when there is a shortage of air, dangerous fumes are formed, which literally poison the respiratory tract. This leads to death. In panic and pursuit of protection against coronavirus, don’t forget about the safety of antiseptic treatment.

The results of laboratory tests carried out in connection with this situation have proven that the use of probiotics in cleaning is more effective than any chemical compound. Probiotics in a certain concentration completely prevent the spread of pathogens. In addition, these elements are safe for health and the environment. The cleaning products that we use to wet-clean in Estonia prevent the proliferation of pathogens and viruses.

Our company uses probiotics that are safe for you and deadly for viruses while cleaning your apartments and houses.

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