Useful home cleaning tips

Every housewife knows that cleaning is a special kind of art since you need to know how to clean all the dirt and dust and not to damage furniture, floor covering or ceiling. Today we will share our tips for quick and efficient home cleaning without damaging upholstered furniture and interior items.

Follow the ‘top-down’ rule

It is important to remember that no matter how thoroughly you wipe the dust and crumbs on the table, shelves and cabinets, they will still fall on the floor. Therefore, do not waste your time on washing of the floor untimely: first, clean all other surfaces and then proceed with cleaning the floor.

Choose the right cloth for wet cleaning

Cloth for cleaning is one of the most important parts of the end result. Microfiber wipes are an ideal tool for dust removal, while rags and gauze are better to be avoided. Microfiber perfectly absorbs water, doesn’t leave stains and fibers, and also doesn’t shed. Microfiber needs to be washed, however, it is better not to leave it to dry on radiators.

Микрофибра для уборки

Wash dishes immediately after eating

It might seem that it is not that important but believe us, washing the dishes in time will save you from dried leftover food on plates or hard to clean leftover pie on a baking sheet. If you like to spend a lot of time during dinner with your friends and family, simply put some warm water with the detergent into the sink and leave the dishes in it as they become dirty.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

It doesn’t matter if you have carpets or not, a good vacuum cleaner is an excellent ally in your fight against dust. Don’t forget to clean the dust container regularly, as the more dust it contains, the less power your vacuum cleaner has. It is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with an aqua-filter: you will protect yourself from dust in the respiratory system and reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. A good vacuum cleaner is a great investment that will pay off right away.

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Choose a good and high-quality mop

A high-quality mop is able to get into every corner of the apartment, thoroughly remove dust without leaving any residue of dirt, traces, or lint. Therefore, choose a mop based on its quality, not just the price.

Proper detergents

Properly selected detergents are the key not only to cleanliness of your home but also to the health of your family. Chlorine and its compounds contained in many detergents adversely affect the human body, irritate the respiratory system and can cause an allergy. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Моющие средства

An effective and safe for humans cleaning requires a significant investment. We offer you a simpler and more profitable option: order house cleaning services at Smile Cleaning and enjoy your free time while our specialists clean your apartment, house or office!

What we offer?

To save your time, effort and money, we offer cleaning options for various types of premises, as well as additional service packages. Our services include:

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With Smile Cleaning services you get the following benefits:

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